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Yamamoto LED Leasing & Production Company Ltd Research Paper

Yamamoto LED Leasing & Production Company Ltd - Research Paper Example We use chips which are imported from Japan, Taiwan, and US to ensure that we deliver incredibly high video performance for our customer’s events and exhibitions.Production & ServicesAs your trusted partner and client, we ensure that all your videos are delivered to your target customers effectively and efficiently. Every LED module is assembled according to the customer’s screen size requirements. Our production team is always committed to delivering superior quality video effects, to ensure that all your promotional events and exhibitions are well received by your target customers. Our LED Screens are suited for:1. Indoor or Outdoor Shopping Arcades2. Concerts and performances3. Stadiums4. Outdoor wall sides on buildings5. Big screen display for digital signageWe are equipped with 6mm LED display modules with 27,778dots/m2. The display modules are assembled using SM3528 LED chips, which ensure that they display vivid color with high contrast. Screen sizes can be customized to suit the various events requirements. The maximum viewing distance can be up to 18m, with 1600 viewing angles, making it suitable for all kind of outdoor/indoor events.The 360 circular display is another Hi resolution LED display for outdoor display advertisements. It supports HDMI, DVI, and VGA connection with HD video signals. It can show online TV programs, VCD, DVD or display video when connected with live CAM.

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Water, Flexibility and the Tao Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Water, Flexibility and the Tao - Essay Example This verse of the Tao Te Ching holds up water as a model for human flexibilty and adaptiveness. Water, it says, is softer than any elements in its way, and yet it dissolves those elements with its very gentleness. This is true in nature, of course. Water turns rocks into sand, making soft what is hard. Many things dissolve in water, when all the water is able to do is flow around those elements. Water yields to anything in its way, a phenomenon easily seen by any mountain stream. Water yields to a rock in its way, flowing around it. In this way the â€Å"gentle overcomes the rigid,† and the water finds its way to the sea without being stopped by boulders or fallen trees. As the Tao says, everyone has seen this, but few are able to make this truth work for themselves, in their own lives. This difficulty stems from the human tendency to direct our own actions, and can be solved by an understanding of the Tao as the natural state to which things can return. In a commentary by the Center for Taoist Thought and Fellowship, the writer suggests that people misinterpret this verse, thinking that being flexible like water means being weak. However, most people do not see the small bits of hardness that are in water. â€Å"It is not the water which attacks the hard and strong, it is the little tiny bits of hard and strong suspended in the water which do the job.† This suggestion gives the verse a new meaning, allowing the reader not to be solely soft but to allow his or her softness to surround a powerful hardness.

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Customer Relationship Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Customer Relationship Marketing - Essay Example customer acquisition it also includes the identification of valuable customers and intends to retain the valuable customers in order to increase the profitability of the company at large. The paper, therefore, shall focus on identifying the actual need of the CRM approach and on the contrary it shall also focus on certain problems faced by the companies. The first part of the paper, henceforth, shall be based on a business point of view rather than an academic perspective analysing the various factors of the approach in depth. The second part of the paper will try to justify the aspects discussed in the first part through analysing the theories and previously conducted research paper. To state the history or origination of marketing is indeed a difficult task. But evidences from decades have been emphasising on the issue to unleash the actual period when the thought and need of marketing were recognised by organisations. According to few researchers, authors, and analysts, revising the initiation of the marketing concept occurred in late 90s while the others argue it to crop up in ancient Greek. However, the marketers in their realistic practises were able to reveal the fact of a revolution in marketing thought with effect to its implementation. To state the fact in other words, marketing concept has changed drastically from the past to its present implication (Hollander & Et. Al., 2005). Consequently, the past phenomenon of marketing was centred on the development of the products or services rendered to the targeted customers. On the whole it was solely implemented from the perspective of the company rather than the targeted customers. To be specific, the companies were highly concentric on what they want rather than considering what their potential customers want from them. Apparently, with due course of time the thought of marketing implications transformed from the sole intention of meeting the companies’ requirements to the aim of justifying the actual

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The modern state comprises Essay Example for Free

The modern state comprises Essay The modern state comprises the demonstration of legitimacy and sovereignty of public power within a regulated territorial district. The modern state originally connected to the European institution upbringing about late fifteenth century. This led to the eventual introduction of capitalism and absolutism. The proponents attempted gathering a single state’s control in both economy and polity, thereby diffusing power from every other union like religious body into a centralized sovereignty that is state control. The resultant in the next three to four centuries later is the introduction of state economy policy and a central operating system of taxation, security and diplomacy with other neighboring countries – â€Å" a contemporary state system then evolved† (Niccolo M. n. d). Weber described modern state as a monopolized system where there is the use of legitimated impersonal principles to subdue societal power. Contrary to Weber’s view, some of the states outside Europe show certain deviation making it difficult to categorize how best a state is operated in a single theory. In a struggle to upgrade the operation of a global economy, modern states in the present age have fast evolved even a global community (e. g. European Union); gathering states together to formulate laws, principles on which their inter-relations are based. States’ Sovereignty The extent of sovereignty of a state is a measure of diplomatic respect accrued from other states; such recognition is limited within the state. The legal landmark to delineate the sovereignty and legitimacy of state is explained by three principal theorists in international relations (as a study) viz. the Marxism theory, the elitism theory and the pluralism theory. Contemporary Study of Modern States’ Theories Pluralism is popular in the United States. It views state as a â€Å"common leveling ground to resolve contending interests and also as a collection of an overall agencies ruling the state† ( Robert Dahl n. d. ). It resolves that the output of a state is the product of pressurized effects from diverse societal groups or agencies (polyarchy). Wright Mills, in 1956, asserted that elitism is consequential to pluralism in that certain member called elite of the society seat at the corridor of power to dictate and make policies. Marxism in contrast to pluralism, states that a State legitimacy and sovereignty is a function of its capitalist contributions to its economy. There is no leveling ground in the policy here; neither is there a group of agencies which probably will rise against the capitalist and still result in an unfair play ground. Each key player does so with a reserved interest with no neutrality. The Best Sovereignty: One would argue that if the so called capitalist of a country are neglected in the choice of policy making, their withdrawal from economy bring a big setback and digs a nation’s unemployment deeper, government receiving an end decreases in tax income, and international problem of funding develops, all of these pose big threats to the so called State itself. No wonder the recent legitimacy and sovereignty of modern state shift heavily towards the capitalist and enthrone Marxism as a best description of governance. They share common interest; the few elites in the polity are strengthened by the fundamental economic input from the capitalist. The withdrawal brings the so called â€Å"capitalist strike† in the state leaving the elite helpless. In conclusion, the few capitalists as described by the Marxism theory are the best major players in every economy in a civilized modern State since the elites or the diverse groups (pluralism) are indirectly or directly dependent on their input to stand in the system. Even if a State claims otherwise, professional probing could retrieve the hidden Marxism at the baseline. Reference A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy (1859), Preface, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1977, with some notes by R. Rojas, and Engels: Anti-Duhring (1877), Introduction General.

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The Chemistry of Knowledge Essay -- Philosophy Knowledge Knowing Plato

The Chemistry of Knowledge Hippeas thought he had all the answers. â€Å"I have never found any man who was my superior in anything,† he boasted. Then he meets Socrates. Though he had made thousands of public speeches about virtue, a dialogue with the wisest of Athenians leads Hippeas to confess that he â€Å"cannot even say what [virtue] is† (Hippeas 70). Lesser Hippeas discredits Hippeas but offers little more than a negative definition of knowledge. Meno, Phaedo, and the Republic provide a more comprehensive discussion of the definition, the good and the teaching of knowledge. The following pages will explore Plato’s theory of knowledge and will conclude with an examination of organic chemistry at Swarthmore College. According to Plato, knowledge requires the reasoned understanding of essences. To know the qualities something possesses, one must grasp â€Å"what something is† (Meno 60). Knowledge entails an active understanding capable of weathering the rigors of a probing discussion. In Lesser Hippeas, Socrates uncovers the knowledge deficit underlying Hippeas’ opinions and skills. Plato makes a clear distinction between Hippeas’ mastery of facts and the possession of true knowledge: â€Å"I certainly do not think I am guessing that right opinion is a different thing from knowledge† (90). Facts and opinions require little more than memorization and regurgitation. Acquiring knowledge, on the other hand, can only be done â€Å"with an effort† (Republic 776). Plato’s Cave analogy in the Republic likens the path to knowledge to the transition from a dark cave to a sunny hilltop. Plato allegorizes the â€Å"ascent of the soul† (776) from a world of shadows, reflections and half-truths into the â€Å"world of knowledge† (776). Plato maintains that cave dw... ...nt of the reason why† (90). Only knowledge boasts longevity. For me, perhaps the most disconcerting thing about organic chemistry is the rapidity with which my memory of it has faded. Some three months removed from a final exam, I recall virtually nothing. So why don’t we get knowledge, if it would serve us so much better than limited-warranty opinions? Thinking takes time. And there are only fifteen weeks to a semester. Professors need empirical measurements of student progress in finite periods of time, even when it is clear that cursory thought emasculates knowledge. After all, â€Å"All late papers will be penalized" Professor Richard Schuldenfrei Works Cited Plato. Five Dialogues : Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo. Trans G. M. A. Grube. Hackett Publishing Company, 2002. Plato. The Dialogues of Plato. Trans. B. Jowett. New York: Random House.

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Secret Life of Bees Book Report

Some girls grow up without a mother, but they don’t know how lucky they are that they don’t have to live with the feeling of guilt and remorse that Lilly Owens has to live with everyday. Everyday, since the age of four, Lilly has to deal with the regret of killing her own mother, Deborah. On December 3, 1954, in the small town outside of Sylvan, South Carolina, a normal day turned tragic. Deborah Owens was trying to escape from home with Lilly in her hands, hoping to abandon her abusive husband, T. Ray. [pic] The situation turned physical when T. Ray tried stopping Deborah from leaving.Lilly saw that her beloved mother was in need of help. In an effort to aid her, she retrieved the gun. Lilly picked it up and BANG! The noise exploded, and ended Deborah’s life. The whole town found out about how Deborah Owens died and looked at Lilly a different way. She was neglected by her father, and teased by several schoolmates. Her father continuously told her how her mother was leaving Lilly that devastating night. Although she refused to believe T. Ray’s accusation, Lilly felt unloved by everyone: her father, her friends, and even, at times, her deceased mother.Her only friend was her black maid, Rosaleen. After getting into trouble, she and Rosaleen, ran away. Lilly tried to find the true story of what happened that night her mother died. R. I. P. Deborah Owens, December 3, 1954. Mother of Lilly Owens, wife of Terrence (T. Ray) Owens. In 1964, the Civil Rights Movement allowed for African Americans to speak up against injustices and demand equality. Although this movement allowed for African Americans to vote, they had a lot of trouble doing so. [pic] In The Secret Life of Bees, Rosaleen, Lilly’s black maid, decided to vote for the first time.Two white southerners stopped Rosaleen in her path, and began taunting her. After spitting â€Å"snuff† on their shoes, Rosaleen was beaten up and demanded to apologize. Rosaleen refused to apologize, landing her in jail with stitches and several injuries from the white men. Although the Civil rights acts tried to give equality to African Americans, many white’s refused to acknowledge these new laws. The South was known for outbursts from white people, who tried to hinder African American’s search for equality. The 1960s was a time for change, whether our nation was ready or not.

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Amoled Technology Essay

Since 2001, funded by national and european programs, the Institute is developing new research lines focused on molecular magnets, molecular opto-electronic devices, molecular machines and supraand supermolecular structures with long lived electron transfer processes. The IcMol has employed more than 100 scientific researchers and is based at the Valencia University Campus. The Institute presents the most advanced systems for the preparation and characterization of organic light emitting diodes, organic solar cells and other molecule based opto-electronic devices. Main tasks in the project are the following: †¢ Preparation of p and n type solution processable charge injection layers †¢ Wet processing of optically or electronically active small molecules †¢ Hybrid and standard device preparation and characterization www. uv. es – www. icmol. es Appendix 5:CombOLED Project, Partners Leti Leti is a CEA laboratory located in Grenoble which is one of the main European applied research centres in electronics. More than 85% of its activity is devoted to research that is conducted with outside partners. We are a partner to the industrial world, with 200 collaborators and 350 contracts a year. Leti has led to the creation of almost 30 start-ups in high-technology, including Soitec, the world leader in Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI). We files some 180 patents a year and manage a portfolio of 1,000 inventions protected by patents. Our main areas of activity are as follows: †¢Micro-and nano-technologies for microelectronics, †¢ Technologies, design and integration of microsystems, †¢ Imaging technologies, †¢ Micro- and nano-technologies for biology and health, †¢ Communication technologies and nomad objects. Leti is endowed with an annual budget of 174 Mâ‚ ¬ and employs 1,000 people with, in addition, more than 500 external collaborators (postgraduates, research partners and industrialists). We have 11,000m? of clean rooms, an equipment portfolio worth 200 Mâ‚ ¬ and we invest more than 40 Mâ‚ ¬ a year on new equipment. Leti is one of the main forces behind Minatec ®, Europe’s premier Centre of Excellence in Microand Nano-technologies. In the future Minatec ® is destined to bring together more than 4,000 researchers, industrialists and teaching staff in Grenoble. www-leti. cea. fr Appendix 5:CombOLED Project, Partners PPML PPML is one of the first European companies that are investing in OLED applications. PPML was born in 2005 with the aim to become the excellence in manufacturing OLED based solutions. Having collected a wide database of feasible applications, PPML is currently working in the deployment of some prototypes and general demonstrator in partnership with OSRAM-OS and with the aim to launch the first solutions in parallel with OLED introduction into the lighting market. PPML will contribute to CombOLED project leading the dissemination activities in order to accelerate OLED penetration to the final users. For this reason, PPML will lead a wide dissemination campaign through known channels like the organization of a specific Design Contest and special Workshops with the major European Design School. www. ppml. it Appendix 5:CombOLED Project, Partners Schreiner Group Innovation, Quality, Performance and Enthusiasm are the values of Schreiner Group based in Oberschleissheim near Munich. The family-owned business develops, designs and produces high-tech products. As certified system suppliers and development partners, seven specialized divisions offer a comprehensive range of innovative products and customized solutions. Schreiner ProTech delivers individual solutions for self-adhesive markings and functional components for engineering industries. Schreiner MediPharm focuses on self-adhesive products for medical technology and pharmaceuticals. Schreiner ProSecure offers a wide range of counterfeit-proof solutions for authenticity and value protection. Schreiner LogiData specializes in data carriers, transponders and complete systems based on RFID technology. Schreiner VarioLight develops and produces printed electronics, in particular high-grade electroluminescent lamps with electronic power supply and control components. Schreiner Systems offers complete solutions from consulting support and development of specifications, to delivery and installation of hard- and software, all the way to after-sales service. Schreiner Labels designs and produces labels for product marking and advertising. Schreiner Group’s experience in printing electronic devices stems from various products including antennas, capacitive sensors and electroluminescent lamps.